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Micro Serama Hatching Eggs

6 Fertilized Micro Serama Chicken Eggs for Hatching | Eggs | Free Shipping

 These eggs are from our healthy and happy serama chickens, ensuring the best possible genetics for your future flock. Whether you are a seasoned chicken breeder or a beginner looking to start your own flock, our fertilized micro serama eggs are a great option. With our eggs, you can experience the joy of watching these tiny and adorable chicks hatch and grow. Order your SIX Fertilized Micro Serama Chicken Eggs for Hatching today and start your journey to raising your own flock of beautiful and friendly chickens.

    Contact us right away if you find damage to your eggs.  When we receive photos of the damage, we will replace or refund. 


    We collect and inspect eggs daily.  We ship Monday - Wednesday using USPS Priority Mail. 


    Hatching Eggs Instructions

    • Let eggs rest fat side up for at least 12 -24 hours to let the air cell rest. When eggs are shipped in the mail, the air cells tend to become broken up or detached due the box being handled (carriers are not always kind to boxes).
    • When it is time to incubate, place the eggs fat side up in their individual egg carton in your incubator for about 7 days. Don’t turn them for up to 7 days. This will help the air cell reattach to the egg. Follow the heat and humidity control directions for your incubator (e.g., 99.5 degrees with 40-50% humidity)
    • After the 7-day mark, take them out of their individual cartons and put them in the incubator as you normally would and turn on the auto turner/roller.
    • Follow the directions of your incubator regarding heat and humidity. We never recommend a dry hatch. Don’t believe everything you read on Google about dry hatch. Incubate silkie eggs at 99.5 degrees at 40-50% humidity.
    • Lock the eggs down at day 17/18 (remove egg turner/turn off the egg turner/rotator). With any luck you will have fluffy butts by day 21-22!
    • Good luck and contact us if you have any questions! 
  • What is a micro serama chicken?

    They are also known as Malaysian Serama. This is a breed that is a relative newcomer to the Western world. Serama chickens also have the specific aspect that they are true bantams.

    This particular breed is unique from the others. Thier eggs are small in size. Up to five eggs can match the contents of one grade-A egg. But this breed is known as prolific layers. 

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