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baby micro Serama chick

Micro Serama Chicken - High-Quality Chicks for Local Pickup

Our Micro Serama chicks are of the highest quality and are available for local pickup in Yelm, WA. Our farm takes pride in providing healthy, well-cared for chicks that are perfect for urban and hobby farmers alike. These chickens are known for their tiny statue and bold personalities, making them a great addition to any flock.  They are great for small spaces too!


They are available for purchase in the store or online and can be picked up locally in Yelm, WA. No shipping is available.


Prices is per chick


    Call us within 24 hours of purchase if you changed your mind and want to return a chick.


    We do not ship chicks.

  • Sexed Chicks

    We sell chicks as straight-run only. 

  • About Our Micro Serama Chickens

    Our micro Serama Chickens are smaller than our Silkies and our more hardier chickens. They are great for smaller yards and are less noisy than your typical chicken. They also have great personalities which makes them awesome pets. The hens lay about once a day, their eggs are tiny.  The roosters are very protective over their ladies and their homes. 

    One thing to note about the micro Seramas is that they cannot tolerate cold temperatues (below 40 degrees) without supplemental heat because they are so small. Other than that, they are pretty awesome little birds!

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