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About Hobby Acres Farm

Welcome to the farm! We are a small family-owned farm residing in Yelm, Washington.  Here on the farm, we have two passions: raising quality silkies and caring for our pack of German Shepherds. 

We have had egg layers for years. Our passion for silkies started with buying fertile eggs to try our hand at incubating. We hatched our first buff silkie called Nugget and the rest was history! We were sold on silkies. They are the cutest and most playful chickens. 

We started with one and now we have over 60 silkies in a variety of White, Black, Blue, Splash, Paint, Partridge, Cuckoo, RedPyle, Chocolate, Grey, and Blue Cream, and the feathering can be silkie, silkie frizzle, Satin, or frizzled Satin. When you buy fertile eggs from us, you will get a mix but, please know it depends on the girls! 

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About Us: Pro Gallery
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