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dried meal worms

10lbs Premium Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Chicken Treats

Whole Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae is a safe and sustainable protein source for animal feed with more calcium than dried mealworms! It is a natural supplement for laying hens, contains healthy - well balanced amino acids, fatty acids and minerals, improves and speeds up the molting process, increases eggshell strength and naturally boosts your flock's immune system! Great for reptiles and amphibians.  * Non-GMO, additive-free and artificial preservative-free. * Packed with Essential Nutrients - Compared to other bird treats, these contain more calcium for birds than mealworms, 35-45% protein, 25-35% healthy fat, 1-3% phosphorus, max 10% fiber, at least 2.2% lysine & many more. * 20 times more calcium than mealworms * High calcium content and better calcium absorption * High quality proteins * Complete amino acid profile




Made in the United States of America

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