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silkie chicken hatching eggs

-3-Fertile Hatching Silkie Eggs | Silkies Eggs for Sale |

SKU: 90302136421537519

Fertilized Silkie Chicken Eggs for Hatching are the perfect way to get your chicken coop started. NOTE: THE PRICE IS FOR 3 EGGS. Our eggs are fresh and carefully packed for shipping. With our free USPS Priority shipping, you can get your fertilized eggs quickly and safely. Each carton of 3 eggs contains a high hatch rate, giving you the chance to hatch out bantam silkie chicks in the following breeds: bearded, non bearded, showgirls, satins, strippers, frizzles in white, splash, gray, black, gold, buff, partridge, etc! Get your Fertilized Silkie Eggs for Hatching today and start your flock.


Please understand that shipping eggs is risky. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a successful hatch, and there are no refunds for no hatches. We will typically add extra eggs to each order to increase the chances for a successful hatch rate. Your purchase is an agreement to this policy. Thank you for understanding.


  • Guarantee Policy

    We do not guarantee a hatch when eggs are shipped. We pack them the best we can, but shipped eggs can go through turmoil (weather, tossed around/dropped by mail carriers, lost in transit, etc.), especially if they are shipped across the country (we are located in Washington State).  

    If you receieve broken eggs, send us a picture the day you receive the shipment and we will mail replacements. 

    Thank you for your business!

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